Achieve Type Spotting
Mastery in Just 7 Hours

Recognizing Jung’s Cognitive Processes 
in the Real World

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Hey Type Enthusiast,

Would you like to identify types without relying on a test?  

Sure, you’re already familiar with the MBTI and its 4-letter codes... BUT THERE’S MORE...

People are using different cognitive processes in every aspect of life all around you.  Do you know what they are?  Can you identify them?  Are you able to distinguish between them?

Our program, Can You Spot It?, is an online, virtual workshop designed to train you thoroughly in how to spot these processes in the real world.  It will put you on the road to type mastery!

As you begin to recognize these processes, you’ll interact with others in a more positive, meaningful way.

You may be thinking:  “I’ve read all there is on the topic of type.  You can’t tell me anything I don’t already know.”  You will be surprised... This is information even seasoned veterans of type don’t know (and can earn CEU’s for learning).

This workshop is offered at the incredibly low price of $129 for 6 hours of interactive lectures plus hundreds of illustrative video clips. You could not attend a live workshop for this price, and it’s BETTER than a live workshop since you can learn at your own pace and replay segments in order to gain better understanding. 

Just audition the first module and you’ll be convinced. If not, let me know and I’ll refund your fee. Once you pay your license fee, you have 3 months to engage in all the lectures, watch all the video clips, complete all the fieldwork exercises, and review any segments you like as often as you like. You can’t do that at a live workshop!

$159.00 $129.00 for a 90-day single-user license*
(* The license allows one person to complete the course. It is not to be shared.)

Within minutes of ordering, you’ll have an account automatically set up on our system with access to the online workshop and all the supporting material.  
Our special discounted pricing is featured until the end of the month.

The program is self-paced, interactive, and available online 24/7. It includes colorful, entertaining visuals, audio track, interactive quizzes, and downloadable handouts. There are more than 300 YouTube-style videos that accompany the program, which help you “spot” the functions in real time.

If you recognize the power of Type 
AND you want to know the secrets,
THIS is the program for YOU!

Here is the FIRST   ***VISUAL***   approach
to learning type
“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Studies show that up to 87% of people are “visual learners” — they gain more understanding from images they see, rather than written or spoken words. Accordingly, this workshop is packed full of graphics, photographs, video clips, and diagrams, all designed to maximize your learning.

Informative Presentation

The course is a combination of animated slides, diagrams, images, and text. Vicky Jo expounds on what you see, explaining concepts, and expanding the information shown onscreen.

Interactive Quizzes

Interspersed throughout the presentation are various interactive quizzes and surveys. These give you a chance to reflect on your learning so far and capture your answers for later review.


Downloadable worksheets are included in the package to print and use to support your fieldwork.

Video Clips

You are presented with a menu of video clips that illustrate the cognitive processes in use. There are over 300 of these clips — more than enough to give you a confident grasp of how the cognitive processes manifest.

Type Experts AGREE that 
“Can You Spot It?” enhances your type skills

Dr. Linda Berens
type expert and author of several books on type

This program should be a requirement for every professional type practitioner. Accurately being able to spot a cognitive process in action is a complex skill that few have mastered, even seasoned type practitioners. Vicky Jo has done a tremendous amount of research to find examples that cover the range of ways each process can be expressed. In addition, I heartily recommend this program to anyone who’s serious about understanding themselves and others. It takes understanding of psychological types to a whole new level that can promote real growth and development. I’ve been working with and teaching type models for over 30 years, and I love it when one of my early star students creates such a powerful and useful tool. Good job, Vicky Jo!
Dr. John Beebe
Jungian analyst, author, and type pioneer

This virtual workshop is like an Easter Egg hunt for adults looking for a renewal of their understanding of psychological type, a literal pleasure. These days, everyone knows there are extraverts and introverts and Jung’s “functions of consciousness” — feeling, sensation, thinking and intuition — have become household names. But who can really spot these counters of human cognition where they are hiding, right in the midst of our everyday activities, and is able to savor their flavor, their texture, and their color? Only those few who have taken the trouble to learn type recognition, like Vicky Jo Varner. In this fine effort at interactive video teaching, she opens up these nuclei of type to the uninitiated. Although we know she is sharing a mystery of personality that she holds an almost religious respect for, it doesn’t feel like Sunday School to be learning about it from her: it feels like holiday fun. This happy contribution to the development of type savvy is a gift to all of us.
Dr. Dario Nardi
educator, author, type researcher

Can You Spot it? is a fantastic multimedia workshop for anyone who wishes to better understand and use the Jungian / Myers-Briggs personality types model in a rich way. The workshop is much more than lecture. The user is frequently engaged visually and verbally to reflect on and apply the information. The software offers convenient modules, an elegant interface, and ways to gauge one’s progress. More importantly, during the workshop, I found myself having insights and asking new questions, and felt ever more engaged as I went along, even after 18 years of professional type use! It is the opposite of tedious! I strongly recommend this workshop. It prompts a a genuine growth experience.
Lenore Thomson
author of
Personality Type: An Owner’s Manual

People learn best when information is matched to the learning style they prefer. Although many of us are visual learners, who like to see examples and illustrations, type theory usually comes packaged for the visual readers among us, who prefer to read and write about a subject. Auditory learners, who learn best by listening and talking, find that seminars can bring the subject alive for them, and interactive workshops have an appeal for tactile learners, who prefer practice and doing.

So it’s a pleasure to welcome
Can You Spot It?, created by Vicky Jo Varner, a certified life coach and MBTI professional. Organized as a personal workshop on type theory, this is an audio-visual program that fires on all learning-style cylinders. Visual readers will find much to engage them, including opportunities to enter thoughts and ideas of their own; and for those who prefer to learn by looking, listening, or doing, the program offers clever graphics, warm narration, real-life examples, and helpful suggestions for practice and follow-up. 

Based on Vicky Jo’s popular on-line workshops, the program takes viewers on a guided tour of the eight function-attitudes described by C. G. Jung in his General Theory of Types. With an eye toward recognizing the way they shape behaviors, Vicky Jo fleshes out each function-attitude as a specific cognitive process, using her professional experience and corroborating material from Jungian and Interstrength sources to describe its dynamic and effect. She also provides links to a wealth of live-action clips from political and popular culture to illustrate what each process looks like in action. 

Can You Spot It? assumes some familiarity with type terminology, the program is broadly accessible, and can be used to deepen basic knowledge or to broaden a seasoned understanding of type-oriented behaviors. Quick-paced but thorough, the program is enriched throughout by Vicky Jo’s humor and personal touch. It provides numerous opportunities for self-assessment in spotting cognitive processes “in the wild,” along with practical but enjoyable assignments that encourage the acquisition of real-time experience.


Improve Relationships!

Minimize Conflict!

Gain Respect!

Learn the secrets of understanding type!

Stop wasting your time surfing the internet
trying to figure it out!


Soon you’ll know more about type than anyone you know!

This program features a near-microscopic analysis of the eight functions of type that C.G. Jung identified. Few people can accurately identify the functions, and naturally this hampers their ability to apply type effectively in the real world. This program will redress that.

How much do you know about
Jung’s 8 cognitive processes?
(Check the box next to statements that apply to you)

You understand C.G. Jung’s contribution to personality type theory.
You know the MBTI was designed to indicate which of Jung’s 8 cognitive processes are preferred.
You know how to define each process differently, depending on whether it is introverted or extraverted.
You’re familiar with the concepts of rational and irrational types.
You can discern between sensation and intuition possibilities.
You know the difference between the cognitive process of Feeling and feelings (emotions).
You grasp the gifts of each of the processes.
You recognize the drawbacks associated with each of the 8 cognitive processes.
You know what timeframe each of the perceiving processes is associated with.
You know what scope each of the decision-making processes is associated with.
You can explain what the tandem processes are.
You easily identify all 8 of the cognitive processes as they manifest in other people around you.

If you find yourself nodding and checking most of these boxes, congratulations! You probably don’t need this workshop.

However, if any boxes are unchecked, read on!

Professional educators tell me that the usual fee for online training materials of this caliber is $125 per hour, therefore this entire 6-hour program should sell for $750!

So $129 represents incredible value, and it won’t stay at this low price for much longer.

Upon completion of this Virtual Type Workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the relationship between TYPE and CONSCIOUSNESS!

  • Notice when someone is using a cognitive process!

  • Recognize key terms and phrases that identify each process.

  • Grasp what each process contributes to consciousness.

  • Be alert to the negative aspects of each cognitive process.

Why a Virtual Workshop
on the
8 Cognitive Processes?

When people study ballet, they return to certain basics over and over again – these are considered the building blocks of dance.

When people work with chemistry, they return to certain basics over and over again – these are considered the Periodic Table of Elements.

When we work with type, there are certain basics we also need to return to over and over again – and they are BEYOND the dichotomies of the MBTI.

Isabel Briggs Myers said, "The purpose of the MBTI is to make Jung's theory understandable and useful in people's lives."

So we heed Isabel's words and expand the MBTI dichotomies into the eight cognitive processes outlined by C. G. Jung in his book, Psychological Types

Many writers have attempted to expound on and enlarge on Jung’s ideas, but words are inadequate for the task.

I rely on the power of the internet and mixed media to communicate what these 8 cognitive processes are. This is the most powerful learning strategy available – it is even MORE powerful than a live, in-person workshop. This kind of learning cannot be gotten any other way.

For decades now, the general public has believed type comes from taking a test which results in four letters, and that's all there is to it. 

Yet, everybody who’s been trained to use the MBTI learned that the letters E/I, S/N, T/F, and J/P are merely indicators of the eight functions. That’s what they were designed to represent.  

When you’re striving for a sophisticated understanding of type, the dichotomies are just a starting point. If you want to be proficient in the art of type, mastering the 8 cognitive processes is a requirement.


Vicky Jo says: I learned about the cognitive processes by attending numerous workshops, seminars, and conferences…
I spent tens of thousands of dollars, but you don’t have to!
You’ll reap the benefits of my learning at a FRACTION of the cos


Here’s a typical cost rundown to consider:

1-day workshop about Type: $395.00


Can You Spot It? workshop:


Travel: $190.00 Travel: $0
Accommodations: $109.00 Accommodations: $0
Meals:   $35.00 Meals: $0
Grand Total: $729.00

Grand Total:


That’s a difference of $600!    How could you spend $600?

Are you aware that Carl Jung NEVER intended Psychological Types to be applied to PEOPLE? He simply defined the PROCESSES they use, and we use ALL of them at ANY time! 

Learn more about this and other radical topics in this program.

Complete Module 1 and let me know that you don’t like it for a full refund.

I’m confident you’ll reap enormous benefits from this program — so confident, in fact, that I’ll REFUND your fee in full if you notify me after completing the first module that you’re not happy.

Special bonuses if you purchase today:

  • Bonus #1: Introversion-Extraversion Primer
    A 20-minute virtual workshop that takes you through what Jung REALLY meant by these terms. You may be surprised!

  • Bonus #2: $15 commission on sales
    I’ll give you a link you can email to friends or place on your web page. For every person who clicks through your link to buy a copy of “Can You Spot It?”, I’ll pay you $15!

Just Imagine Being Able To:

  • Identify “hot buttons” in your relationships

  • See where misunderstandings creep into conversations

  • Understand exactly what your boss wants from you

  • Direct those who report to you in language they relate to

  • Recognize when someone is using unfamiliar processes under stress

…And that’s just for starters!

As an MBTI Master Practitioner, I’ve taken and given many workshops in type, from basic to advanced. I get email questions about type all the time from my type-related websites. 

People are hungry and anxious to understand type, and nothing like this existed to address the topic until now. 

This is my best attempt to remedy the lack of understanding around the psychological type functions.

Vicky Jo

Improve your “psychological literacy” by mastering your recognition of the cognitive processes.
This special price of $129 will go up soon. 
Act now!

Click Here To Get It Immediately – It’s Risk-Free!

About the author 

Vicky Jo is an MBTI Master Practitioner and Type Discovery Artist who combines a variety of skills in her coaching practice. She earned her M.A. in Depth Psychology from the well-respected Pacifica Graduate Institute, and is currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program for Jungian and Archetypal Psychology.   She is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, an Interactive Guided Imagery Professional, a Job and Career Development Coach, and is trained in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching. She regularly presents papers and workshops at international type and Jungian conferences and has produced many articles and audio-visual products on the topic of psychological type and coaching.

Vicky Jo earned her BFA in Theater Arts, and has been seen onstage and onscreen. She is often called upon for play readings, and is frequently assigned the task of reading narration, because it is the most difficult to convey with entertaining lightness. Do not fear that this presentation is a boring, droning lecture! Vicky Jo adds life and enthusiasm to this challenging and complex topic.

Can You Spot It?
Recognizing the 8 Cognitive Processes
A computer-based, interactive learning experience consisting of informative lectures and experiential learning.

~Module 1~
An unusual look at the background to the MBTI and Jung’s theory of psychological types that started it all.
~Module 2~
Introduction to the notions of introversion and extraversion as Jung originally intended them. Definitions and examples of Introverted Sensing and Extraverted Sensing. Distinctions made between them. Suggested field work to lock in the learning.
~Module 3~
Review of Introverted Sensing and Extraverted Sensing with some additional examples. Definitions and examples of Introverted iNtuiting and Extraverted iNtuiting. Distinctions made between them. Suggested field work to lock in the learning.
~Module 4~
Review of Introverted iNtuiting and Extraverted iNtuiting with some additional examples. Definitions and examples of Introverted Thinking and Extraverted Thinking. Distinctions made between them. Suggested field work to lock in the learning.
~Module 5~
Review of Introverted Thinking and Extraverted Thinking with some additional examples. Definitions and examples of Introverted Feeling and Extraverted Feeling. Distinctions made between them. Suggested field work to lock in the learning.
~Module 6~
Review of Introverted Feeling and Extraverted Feeling with some additional examples. Featuring a “Surprise guest” type expert explaining the difference between “pattern” and “process” when considering how psychological types manifest. Summary of all cognitive processes.
~Video Examples~
Links to hundreds of examples of the 8 cognitive processes in action, along with “hybrid” examples of two or more cognitive processes combined.
The Introversion-Extraversion Primer. A detailed look at how introversion and extraversion really work within the human psyche. This is another interactive audio-visual experience complete with exercises and quizzes.

And What’s More…
  • You get a full audio-visual experience during the lectures with hundreds of images reinforcing each point

  • Hours of video clips demonstrate each cognitive process in action

  • Fieldwork and interactive quizzes keep you involved and interested

  • You’ll have fun and ENJOY the process of learning — no struggling with a pile of books or chasing information down online.

  • No more getting advice from amateurs who have ill-informed opinions and no hands-on experience

  • You’ll have FREEDOM of learning without needing to travel, schedule, or even wait a minute for anyone else

  • This material includes CUTTING EDGE information that nobody else offers

  • This course references several respected Jungians to gain insights from their wisdom

This 6-part Virtual Workshop will change forever the way you look at type!

What you’ll get

6 hours of audio-visual presentation
Hundreds of short real-life video clips illustrate each cognitive process in action
Field assignments to gain experience for yourself
Definitions from many different expert sources to compare and contrast
An official Certificate of Attendance — your ticket to partake in more advanced workshops offered by Virtual Type Workshops

People like you are already benefiting from learning about psychological types and applying it to their lives. And now it’s your turn…

You’ve got nothing to lose, and soooo much to gain.

Sign up NOW to lock in this special price, and get the bonus “Introversion-Extraversion Primer.” Don’t miss out, and don’t waste another day wondering where to get answers to all your questions about type.


Click Here To Get It Now!
It’s Risk-Free!

Here are ways SPOTTING the cognitive processes will benefit you:

Relationships. Interact effectively with other people in your life, whether romantic, family, social, or business.
Teamwork. Understand strengths that others bring to the team, and recognize the blind spots that may occur any time cognitive processes are under-represented.
Appreciating Diversity. Not just the usual diversity of race, color, or religion, but diversity of personality type preferences.
Parenting. Appreciate ways your children are like you and different from you.
Coaching. Apply this model toward helping your clients achieve their goals.
Strategizing, Planning, Problem-Solving. Understand how different people approach setting goals and milestones, and how they develop solutions to issues.
Personal Growth. Improve your own psychological literacy so you are better equipped to move forward with your own individuation.

This is the first visual, online training that makes the effort to teach you in great detail what the cognitive processes truly are without relying on hearsay or struggling to figure it out from books. You are guided by an expert who employs visual means — imagery, words, and videos — to give you contemporary, firsthand examples of Jung’s 8 functions. This is the cutting edge of type, and it will revolutionize your understanding of typology.

I’ve done the research so you don’t have to

Preparing this workshop, I drew upon material from many experts in the field of psychological type, including:

  • Type pioneer John Beebe

  • Temperament expert Linda Berens

  • Type researcher Dario Nardi

  • Popular Jungian author Daryl Sharp

  • MBTI innovator Dick Thompson

  • Team Roles expert Steve Myers

  • Jungian editor and author Lenore Thomson

…and, of course, the master himself:

  • The Founding Father of Modern Depth Psychology, C. G. Jung

Unique Content

There is no other training course on Jung’s 8 cognitive processes that explores his model at the depth this program does. You will gain skills that will place you out in front of other personality type enthusiasts and professionals.

Great value for money…
Only $129.00 for a 90-day license.
That’s less than $1.50 a day.

It’s a bargain!  Our price is...
Less than the price of two concert tickets
Less than the price of a new hairstyle
Less than the price of a new pair of boots

Less than the cost of five type books (with mostly redundant information, and they’ll fail to convey the 8 functions anyway — I know because I’ve read them!)

What’s TYPE MASTERY worth to you?

Money-Back Guarantee

After viewing the first module, if you decide this course is not what you expected, 
let me know and I’ll refund your fee in full. 
I believe in customer satisfaction above all.

Buy with Confidence

Only $129 for a 90-day license

This product, while using cutting edge technology, is equally steeped in tradition and expertise. We hold a loving appreciation for C.G. Jung’s legacy as we help spread his message around the world. We’re exploring his work with tremendous respect, developing it further, and helping — striving — to encourage the type community to better represent what this original type enthusiast was trying to convey.

I look forward to “seeing” you on the workshop.



“When I signed up for
Can You Spot It? I really had no idea what to expect. Now that I have completed the program I know that it is the single best MBTI educational experience I have ever had. The information provided about the functions combined with the teaching methods made the information come alive; though complex, everything was easy to understand. I would recommend this program to everyone who uses the MBTI in their practice – it was worth every penny!
-Courtney Hanson
Assistant Director | Career Services Center

“Vicky Jo has cultivated a rich knowledge of personality type theory, particularly the value of drawing upon multiple frameworks. She has helped edit a number of my books, and I have found her insights and suggestions invaluable.”
-Dario Nardi, PhD Author, 8 Keys to Self Leadership: From Awareness to Action

“This program showed me that I was mis-typed, and now I feel like I have discovered myself. I’m re-thinking everything I thought I knew about type.
-Peter Hearn

“I always thought the MBTI was psychological type. Thank you for showing me how they are related, but not the same.
-Brian S.
Evansville, IN

“Psychological Type has always been a tool for me, and I liked the Enneagram and DISC better. But this program has shown me how useful type is, and I plan to do more with it in future since viewing this program.

“I thought I gleaned everything there was to know about personality type from Vicky Jo’s wonderful websites, but I discovered so much more when I viewed this program. What a wonderful resource. Thank you!
-Bill Patterson

“As the head of HR for a Fortune 500 company, this program gave me more insights into diversity than I ever could have predicted. I plan to make it required viewing for all our HR department employees.

“Vicky Jo, I’ve been watching your work for years, and this virtual workshop is the perfect next step for you to share your vast knowledge of type. You’re a brilliant teacher, and I’m gratified to know you.
-Arthur J.
Nashua, NH

“I learned more from this course about type than anything else in the past 5 years that I’ve been studying type. Vicky Jo’s warmth and enthusiasm for the topic kept me engaged throughout the program. She’s lovely to listen to.
-Marilyn W., MBTI Certified Professional

“I can’t believe the value of this program! I didn’t learn this much about type in my qualifying program, and it cost me more than 10x as much money!
-J. Birks, MA

“I had lost a lot of my enthusiasm for personality type, but this program has re-ignited my fire! I can’t wait to use these ideas in my coaching practice!
-June H. CPCC, PCC

“In 25 years of attending professional development workshops, I’ve never experienced anyone who brought more energy and enthusiasm to a course! Vicky Jo is totally committed to making the experience an engaging and useful one.”
-Grady McGonagill, Ed.D.
McGonagill Associates

“Dollars to donuts that what you are able to share is exactly enough to excite the dopamine receptors of your participants. Honestly VJ, one cannot not learn from spending time with you.”
-Marci Segal, Creativity Consultant

“In terms of Vicky Jo’s current seminar, I am glad that she has broken it up into several segments starting with Can You Spot It? There is so much info being quickly disseminated that I can imagine that it is hard for those without any background to keep up. The great thing is that unlike the other seminars I have taken she has many, many other resources including videos and PDF files to study.”
-Mark R. Grandstaff, Ph.D. Senior Fellow
The James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership, University of Maryland, College Park and Associate Professor of History, Brigham Young University

“What a cool way to understand and use personalities better. Way cool!
-Brenda L.

“I was so delighted with myself when I got a perfect score on every quiz. It made me feel really good about myself, and my increasing level of psychological literacy.
-Pete K.

“Vicky Jo, has anyone ever told you that you have a gift?

“This program eased me gently into understanding the 8 cognitive processes, and provided me with proof they exist! Now I see the limitations of the MBTI dichotomies in ways I’d never realized before.
-Mike McW.
Lansing, MI

“It is an amazing workshop: informative, interesting, and enlightening. Best of all, I can do it at my own pace and convenience. Thank you Vicky for creating this workshop. My husband has become interested in the cognitive processes after hearing your program play in the background for a few days now. I heard him say: “Oh, so you are not really crazy Chantal, just working in a different process than my own.”
Yay for expanding consciousness.”

-Chantal Lortie

“I found the webinar to be very insightful and helpful in understanding type in action across the 8 cognitive processes.”
-MJ Wilson

“Where was Vicky Jo 10 years ago when I encountered the MBTI? She would have saved me a lot of grief. I always knew VJ had a gift for explaining psychological types coherently and lucidly. I said years ago she should write something, and I’m glad she did. This is even better than I imagined.
-William T.
Anaheim, CA

With the sort of innocent-childlike delight combined with competence and personal integrity that perhaps only an INFJ could bring to the task, Vicky Jo Varner takes the framework of Carl Jungs cognitive processes and spins it around so the student can view it from all angles, citing the best available authorities she can find and adding the 'secret sauce of colorful illustrations and animations coupled with vocal variety and charming humor. Rating: nine out of five stars (to quote her own in-joke).
-John Wheeler (ENFP)

“My best friend told me to buy this because I don’t like reading lots of books. I feel like I just had the best crash course in type ever, and I didn’t have to crack a book once. Yay for extraverts!
-Ben G.
Columbus, OH

“Please let me know when the next workshop is available! I’m hungry to learn more.
-Corinne L.